Area of Expertise

Our team is proud to share their legal and business expertise with our clients and help them come up with smart solutions. With our extensive experience in both legal and business processes, we are able to guide you through the following areas:
1E-Commerce Law
If you wish to do business in Austria, you should adapt your home page to the legal regulations. Our team will walk you through the following steps:
2Immigration Law
Our team of lawyers will support you from the very beginning, from the establishment of the company to obtaining of a valid residence permit, since we are well aware of the formal requirements that the authorities impose on these evidences. Therefore, our experienced team is always by your side and offers the following services in particular: - Work permit in Austria for personnel, qualified persons and individuals - visa - E-card - Social security - Residence Permit and Red-White-Red Card
3Corporate Law
Austria, especially Vienna, offers an excellent base, a world-class location where you can live and study and an international hub, where you can start your business. ANC Legal team supports international companies from all over the world in establishing and developing their businesses in Austria. Registering a company in Austria requires many legal steps and our team is dedicated to lead you towards completing this process. The services offered include but are not limited to the following: • Company registration (GmbH, KG, etc.) • Location search • Personnel contracts • Opening a business account • General terms and conditions (GTC) • Conclusion of a rental/lease agreement • Ownership • Copyright & Patent • Tax Law • Real estate and tenancy law
4Trademark law
By registering a brand as a trademark (®), you protect your intellectual property. This helps distinguish your product from those of other companies. Our services in this area are as follows: - Researching and analyzing the likelihood of registering a trademark - Completion of the trademark application at the trademark office of the country or organization where the trademark is to be registered - Assistance in the registration procedure
5International Business Law
Our certified consultants will guide you through the implementation of your ongoing individual business process. Our team specialized in commercial law, offers consulting services not only in Austria, but also throughout Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Our services address the following areas: - Business activities in Austria - Consulting: International business in the Middle East, Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Austria - Scouting business opportunities - Consulting: import & export - Market Research - Identifying business partners - Writing business plan - Startup & SME support
6International Contract Law
Collaboration with partners is a strategic instrument for each company. Therefore, the finding the right partner for the right contract is so important that it could affect the future of the company. ANC Legal Office assists the clients to proceed to this step. Our services include but are not limited to the following: • Defining cooperation methods • Preparing agreements/contracts for the projects • Evaluating the possibilities of obtaining financial support for the projects
7Labour Law
ANC Legal Office will help you find qualified employees and conclude contracts, taking into account all legal aspects. Our main services include the following: - Employment contract - Hiring - Termination of employment - Insurance - Taxation
8Banking Law and Financing
Companies/Individuals planning to invest and work abroad often seek professional advice on getting funding, loans and finding investors. At ANC Legal Office we help our clients to proficiently manage their banking and financial processes. Our team of specialized consultants is ready to assist you going through the following steps: - Getting funding and financing support - Accounts receivable management - Financial analysis - Opening bank accounts
9Compliance and Due Diligence
One of the most important issues in international trade is the screening of individuals, products and companies, as well as board members and the shareholders from the perspective of trade health and sanctions. Therefore, we are ready to screen your products and business partners and assess their status in terms of EU and US sanctions. Our team at ANC Legal Office renders the following services in order to ensure a smooth business operation for you and your company: • Sanction screening of companies and individuals • Trade embargoes, restrictions and prohibitions against products and services • Legal Due Diligence • Litigation and Arbitration

Area of Business

Our team is proud to share their legal and business expertise with our clients and help them come up with smart solutions. With our extensive experience in both legal and business processes, we are able to guide you through the following areas:


Our specialized and experienced team at ANC Legal Office is able to provide its clients with expert business and legal advice in various business areas. The following industries are our focus areas, in which our team specializes. Contact us and stay up to date with the latest business analysis trends and legal regulations:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Persian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Czech


ANC International team processes your business and legal inquiries in the shortest possible time and in different languages. Our team is able to process your inquiries in the following languages:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharma
  • Digitalization • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • E-Commerce
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Railway
  • Machinery
  • Steel

Our team operates mainly in the following countries

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